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How can I tell if my hot tub is leaking?

Many people believe that the loss of water they see is due to evaporation. However, evaporation happens on such a minor scale, its almost unnoticable. If you suspect that your tub is leaking, take a peice of duct tape and place it on the hot tub shell so that the bottom of the tape is at the top of the water level. Set a designated time, say 72 hours, and check to see if your hot tub has lost any water. During this process it is best if you refrain from using your hot tub. Once you have determined there is a leak, give us a call and we can come develop a plan to solve your problem.


How can I tell if my pool has a leak?
Simply fill a bucket with pool water and put it in the pool so that the water level of the bucket and the pool are the same. If the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket after one week, you probably have a leak. This method is relatively reliable, because the rate of evaporation is the same in both the pool and the bucket.

What can I do if my hot tub displays a FLO message?
First and foremost shut the unit off immediately. This simple step could prevent a component from burning out. Remove the filter and give it a thorough cleaning using a hose with a nozzle. Re-install the filter then turn the unit back on. If the FLO message goes away you've avoided a serious complication. If the message remains, there is a more serious issue and you must get the unit serviced promptly.
I accidentally put in a double dosage of chlorine in my spa, what can I do to make it safe for immediate use?

By opening the spa cover and running the jets and air blower (if your spa has one) your chlorine level should drop. If there is an extremley high dosage, you can empty out some of the water and replace it with fresh water.